Please select additional options below.  Note: you may need one of either an Adaptor or a Beamsplitter but not both.

  • An adaptor will be required for Leica, Haag Streit and slit-lamps or OR microscopes that already have a beamsplitter. All other slit-lamps and microscopes with beamsplitters normally have an output that fits the MicroREC without the need for an additional adaptor.
  • leica
  • If your microscope does not have a beamsplitter you will need to order one. Order a Zeiss beamsplitter for all other slit-lamps/microscopes that are not Leica or Haag Streit. The Haag Streit beamsplitter (above) is only for the BQ900 slit-lamp. All other Haag Streit slit-lamps and OR microscopes require a beamsplitter from Haag-Streit.
  • Haag Streit beamsplitter
  • Price: £ 0.00